Training Programs for Law Enforcement, Corporate and
Municipal Employees


LION leadership Institute focuses on training and coaching law enforcement, corporate and municipal employees to be aware of mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritual healthy of self and others in the workplace:

  1. Be present – This means quiet the mind and listen.
  2. Convey the good – Oftentimes, all we need is someone to encourage us when we are down.
  3. Provide reality – Sometimes we need a wise person that will give us the facts.
  4. Call to action – We need people that will make us follow through and actually do the things that are good for us to do.


Psychological safety is both fragile and vital to success in uncertain, interdependent environments. The brain processes baiting by a boss, competitive coworker, or dismissive subordinate as a life-or-death threat. This is especially true with past unprocessed trauma. The amygdala, the alarm bell in the brain, ignites the fight-or-flight response, hijacking higher brain centers. This “act first, think later” brain structure shuts down perspective and analytical reasoning. Quite literally, just when we need it most, we lose our minds. While that fight-or-flight reaction may save us in life-or-death situations, it disables the strategic thinking needed in today’s workplace. Therefore, it is imperative that each of us take ownership of the work environment by being guardians of the workplace in creating a healthy place to work.

We are extremely fortunate and confident in our instructors and the courses we offer. We are privileged to have a diverse line of instructors at different levels within their respected agencies. They are from small to large municipalities, state, federal and counties that bring their own unique training and experiences to LION. 

Municipal Training

Each individual who joins an organization brings a unique set of talents, skills, needs, and deficiencies. In order to maximize the performance of our employees, we must understand them and ourselves as individuals. People are different, and leaders must use different approaches to help each organizational member contribute to the accomplishment of the organizational goals.

Highly-mission driven organizations develop especially strong cultures, with conscious, visible, and discussed elements as well as unconscious, less visible, and unrecognized elements. Our 360 Leadership Program will explore the mechanisms that allow the work to influence an organization's culture and the resulting realities of that influence, including how organizations become toxic. We start with an example that shows the power and dynamics of organizational culture over time.



  • Ethical Dimensions of Leadership

  • Behavior Equals Consequences

  • Change and Adaptation

  • Building Leadership with Integrity

  • Protecting the Technical Core

  • Managing Police Misconduct and the Art of Redemption

  • 360 Leadership for Corporate and Municipal Leaders

  • Crime Fighting Thru Strategic Planning

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Look. Listen. Link. - Emergency Dispatch Resiliency

  • Building Resilient Teams

  • Stress Management in Workplace

  • Building Cohesion

  • Performance and Accountability

  • Group Formation

  • On-Boarding & Socialization

  • Effective Leadership & Followership

  • Shaping Organizational Behavior

  • Stress Management for First Responders 

  • Supervisory Mental Model of Resilience

  • Communication Through Conflict

  • The Resilient BADGE for Officers

In addition to set curricula, we help you implement innovative learning solutions. Our team of instructional designers work with you to drive a proven process for assessing your learning needs, creating role-specific curriculum for any division within your organization. Our approach is tailored to fit your unique learning needs and the demographic profile of your target audience.

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