Mental Model of Resilient Leadership

From: $450.00

Frisco Police Department
Location: 7200 Stonebrook Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

Dates: May 13 -15, 2020


Leadership today requires the ability to see unique patterns in behavior, complex systems, and morally ambiguous challenges. Our Look. Listen. Link Model will teach police leaders how to lead their team so they will view their work as a calling rather than merely a job, a place to belong rather than a place to work. It shows police leaders how to infuse work with meaning and how to engage, energize, and ignite their workforce and gives employees a better understanding of what makes for a quality work experience.

Police leaders are called upon to provide multiple functions in circumstances of trauma and traumatization. They are key to identifying that the system is suffering, naming the suffering and recognizing that the organization is a traumatized system with potentially traumatized people.


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