Leadership and Personality


Dates: March 9 -10, 2020
Location: 115 West Brown St
Ennis, Texas 75119
Contact: Chief Andy Harvey


Our Unique Behavior Assessment is a root cause-based leadership development model. It makes possible an accurate assessment of your leadership strengths and challenges and provides a developmental plan for better decision-making. It reveals important dimensions of your leadership style and assists leaders in better understanding what drives and motivates them as well as the impact that they have on others. It makes possible the ability to inspire people to believe the impossible is possible. It clears space to develop and build your followers to perform at heights they never imagine. It opens the airways for self-discovery and an opportunity to improve the quality of life for those in the community you touch.

Our leaders today are faced with unparalleled complexities and changing social conditions. This places extreme pressure on leaders to develop all aspects of themselves to the highest degree possible. Our unique Behavior Assessment will tap into the Mind, Body and Soul as you build self-awareness and develop a deep understanding of your authentic leadership style.


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