An Executive Coach is “a seasoned professional who can effectively partner with individual leaders within your organization to help them identify and develop a set of goals to improve or enhance their professional performance.

Our Philosophy on Coaching

Coaching is personalized and tailored support that directly involves people in a process of identifying and building on their strengths. Our coaching style supports leaders in achieving the results that are important to his or her personal success and the long-term success of his or her organization.  We assume that you are the expert on your own leadership.  Our role as a coach is to draw out your expertise through inquiry, curiosity and gentle challenges.  We help stretch you into your best self as a leader. To do that, we introduce self-observation exercises and behavioral practices. We am attentive to your physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual state.  We help you focus on your presence and behaviors. We seek mutual understanding of the organizational culture and systems (including policies and practices) within which you lead.  We role as a coach is distinct from consulting, advising, therapy, or counseling. However, Our coaching does address personal issues or life conditions that impact your motivation, satisfaction and performance.

Coaching Boundaries:

Client understands that coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders nor is it a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual, or other qualified professionals. Coaching is also not a substitute for any form of medically prescribed or specified services (including psychotherapy, counseling, psychology services, therapy or analysis). The closest we get to psychotherapy is assessing your level of health based on the levels of development that merge with the enneagram personality model 

Client Fully Responsible:

The client understands that coaching is an ongoing, interactive, professional relationship designed to help the client achieve his/her desired results in their career and in life.

Important Note:

As your coach I will brainstorm with you or make observations based on my expertise. Although my expertise may rest in a certain arena, my primary focus will be to help the client make his own choices and find what will work best for them. We understand your environment and know about managing people and resolving conflict.

Side Note:

Often our clients want coaching about their work but need guidance as well in dealing with their families, insecurities, self-awareness, and careers.


We help 6 kinds of officers in 6 different ways:

Our Coaching is for leaders and officers who wants a confidential sounding board to help them through current challenges and future possibilities. It is also for officers and law enforcement leaders wanting to better navigate the six (6) stages of the Alexander Life Cycle Model: (1) Idealism, (2) Settling In, (3) Frustration, (4) Hitting the Wall, (5) Awareness, (6) and Balanced.

Both officer and law enforcement leaders have the most difficulty navigating the wall because of the intertwined of emotional, mental and behavioral layers involved. It is during this stage when resilience is truly tested. It is this stage where we see the most suicides, divorces, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, use of force, rudeness complaints, civil rights violations, toxic leadership, toxic officers, willful blindness and more.

  • 1

    IDEALISTIC OFFICERS: We assist these officers in increasing their resilience to such a degree that they move through the Police Life Cycle, without getting too comfortable which can eventually lead them into the DANGER ZONE.

  • 2

    SETTLING IN OFFICERS: We help these officers recognize the pitfalls of “routine” police work and comforts of gaining credibility and knowledge of the job. Alertness and vigilance are the key to settling in. We help these officers increase their resilience capacity, thus enabling them to move without falling into the DANGER ZONE.

    INTERCEPTION: This process occurs at the late stages of settling in or the very early stages of frustration.We prevent officers from continuing toward destruction where they will first began to subtly explode and eventually implode. This transformative process involves our ability to engage officers with compassionate accountability to achieve results that benefit them tremendously in the long run.

  • 3

    FRUSTRATION: We help these officers seal the cracks in their armor.  We coach these officers with their personal and professional challenges. 

  • 4

    DANGER ZONE OFFICERS: We support these officers in pulling themselves out of this DANGER ZONE through changes in their mental, emotional and physical and in some cases their spiritual well-being, offering additional resources as needed.

  • 5

    AWARENESS: Our coaching help individuals build resilience to move out and beyond stage five (5).  Awareness is the most difficult stage because this is the stage in which officers relive the events of the past to purge their system and regain a healthy emotional state of mind.

  • 6

    BALANCED OFFICERS: We support these officers in continuing their progress by providing new perspectives and activities, but we also learn from them the ways in which they have effectively navigated the Police Life Cycle so we can pass this wisdom on to others.

Our coaching is not, however, intended for officers and leaders who are better served by engaging, counselor, therapist or some helping professionals. It is also possible that after being professionally coach by one of our coaches through the life cycle model, you might need additional professional resources to bring about full work – life balance

Some of our other coaching work includes:

  • Collecting and analyzing issues about the leader’s performance,

  • Fostering greater self-awareness (including diversity and cross-cultural capabilities),

  • Assisting in action planning development,

  • Providing ongoing support as the leader works toward behavioral change,

  • Helping new employees adjust to their companies,

  • Assisting newly appointed or promoted leaders to adapt to their new roles.

  • Help leaders and others deal with burnout

Counseling or Therapy deals mostly with a person’s past and trauma and seeks healing – LION Institute provides family counseling to Emergency Service Providers families who are experiencing change in life circumstances, relational issues, behavioral issues, communication breakdowns, grief, and general family struggles. If you or your family would benefit from counseling, please contact a LION Counselor.

Consulting deals mostly with problems and seeks to provide information, expertise, advice, strategies, and methodologies to solve them. We help transform and rebuild entire police agencies or divisions within your organization. We work with your agency to build a strategic plan to help you with a proper direction for the entire team, to help bring together all the ideas that the team has and give them a clear direction moving forward.

Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

-Zig Ziglar